Which Earthmoving Equipment Is Right for the Job?

In Australia, earthmoving equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, from very large machines that are mainly used for open-cast cast mining and civil engineering projects to much smaller diggers that would be sufficient for a house extension. However, size isn't everything when it comes to choosing equipment. This is because some earth movers have specialist functions that make them suitable for particular jobs. It is always worth checking with an earthmoving services company which types of equipment they have at their disposal. Ideally, you won't want to opt for a firm that uses backhoe loaders for every type of earthmoving job, for example, despite their undoubted versatility. What are the main earth movers to know about?


These earth movers are also known as diggers. They can be very small and nimble or much, much larger. Excavators are distinguished by a large bucket on the front which is controlled from a cab via a hydraulic boom. They also have caterpillar tracks which makes them suited to uneven and soft ground common on many building sites. Larger excavators will be able to turn on a central axis without having to move their tracks which offers greater convenience for the operator.


As their name suggests, trenchers are a specialist piece of construction industry equipment. Typically, trenchers form a shallow hole in the ground and are not built for digging at depth. They'll usually have a conveyor belt to move dirt from the ground to the side or to be deposited in a dump truck. Trenchers often don't have cabs but make progress under an operator's control who stands to the side. They work in straight lines to form channels for pipes and communications wiring but some can make turns as well.


Used to shove earth to the side to clear a path, bulldozers are powerful examples of earthmoving equipment. They will often be used to help level a site and can deal with stony or rocky ground just as easily as soil. They too feature caterpillar tracks for added stability.

Backhoe Loaders

Although they can be used for excavation jobs, backhoe loaders aren't just there to dig holes and clear the earth. They have an articulated boom and a bucket at the back known as the backhoe. They also feature a much larger bucket at the front, known as a loader. Typically, they pick up earth and deposit it into a truck which will then take it away.

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