Excavator Hire Tips

Excavator hire is quite popular among DIY builders and contractors who need the equipment for a short period. Ideally, you should make thorough assessments when hiring the equipment. It ensures that the excavator you hire meets the site needs and that you get value for your money. Below are five tips to help you when hiring an excavator. 

Determine The Required Model

There are different excavator models, each with its unique specifications. Therefore, you should consult with your site engineer and assess the work plans and site conditions to determine the excavator that suits you best. For instance, a tracked excavator would be ideal when working on uneven surfaces, such as mines or soft soils. You should also conduct background checks on the various models. For example, poor-quality excavators could be prone to problems, such as overheating engines and hydraulic leaks. Avoid these models at all costs since they will cause downtime at the site.

Shop Around For Friendly Rates

You will find many excavator hire companies in your area. Now that you know which excavator you need, contact these companies, and ask for a quote. Ask the hiring company to include the charges and penalties that you might incur. This information will guide you as you use the equipment. For example, you could avoid using the excavator during the weekends if the company charges more. Alternatively, you could avoid companies that charge you insurance fees. 

Negotiate The Terms Of Hire

Read the hiring contract to establish if it is in your favour. If not, you should negotiate clauses you consider unreasonable or unfavourable. For example, if the company restricts the use of the excavator to daytime hours, you could bargain this clause if your project runs 24/7. In most cases, the company will visit the site to ensure that the excavators can safely work at night. For instance, they could ask you to install floodlighting and barricades.  

Ask For An Operator

Most hiring companies will give you a dry hire or wet hire option. If you are new to excavator hire, you should always go for wet hire. The primary advantage of having a company-appointed operator is that you will not bear liability if the excavator develops problems at your site. However, it is prudent to conduct some due diligence to ensure the operator is the right fit for your project. Remember, they will have to work alongside your site personnel, yet they will not be on your payroll. 

When hiring an excavator, determine the required model, shop for friendly rates, negotiate the terms of hire and ask for an operator. 

For more information, contact an excavator hiring company in your area, such as Statewide Hire Pty Ltd.

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