Tower Crane Hire Tips

Tower cranes are a must-have in sites involving the construction of skyscrapers and tall installations such as bridges. Since tower cranes are expensive, most contractors opt to hire rather than buy them. Here are some considerations to make when hiring a tower crane. 

Your immediate concern should be whether the tower crane is ideal for your site. Below are some factors that you should consider: 

  • How tall can the crane grow? An ideal crane should be taller than what you intend to build.
  • What is the working radius of the crane? Typically, it should access the working areas with ease.
  • What is the crane's weight limit? Although tower cranes can lift massive heights, check the weight limits of the crane to know how much weight it can lift.
  • What is the speed of the hook line? A slow hook line will increase the amount of time it takes to complete the project.
  • Is the crane noisy? Some resident associations could prohibit contractors from using noisy machines. 

Ask your engineering team or the crane hire company to survey the site and recommend an ideal foundation. The site conditions could prompt you to use a concrete base foundation, a static base foundation with a central ballast or concrete anchorage or a rail travel base foundation. The site inspection should also establish the effect of wind speeds on the installation and use of the tower crane. Additionally, it should identify any risks that could affect crane safety. It could be low power lines, nearby buildings or weak soils. 

If you are confident that the crane can be safely installed on your site, look for a tower crane hire company to offer the crane. Once you find a suitable company, assess the condition of the available crane. Typically, the equipment should be in perfect condition. Repair and inspection reports will help you identify any possible defects that require repairs before the crane arrives at your site. 

The terms of tower crane hire are a critical consideration. For example, you want to know the services offered by the company. Typically, you will require a licenced operator and riggers to install the crane. Additionally, the rental company should agree to transport, install, maintain and dismantle the crane. Although you may incur an extra cost, it helps you avoid the hassles and risks of operating the crane. Remember to check the company's payment policy. Ideally, the crane should allow seamless flow of work at your site. 

Hiring a crane tower should be an easy task. Determine the features of the required crane, conduct a site survey and examine the terms of hire. Contact a company that provides tower cranes for more information.  

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