A Guide For Choosing The Right Trailer Axle

Different types of axles are available to suit various trailers. Therefore, if you want to buy a new axle for your trailer, you should make specific considerations. For example, to identify the right trailer axle dimensions, you must verify the component's serial number. The information is usually found in the trailer's paperwork or manufacturer's manual. Also, you can find the data on a placard attached to the frame of the trailer. If the information is not available, you might be forced to buy replacement parts based on the capacity and dimensions of the trailer. However, you may end up buying the wrong spare parts, which can affect the optimal performance of the trailer. This article offers a guide for choosing the right trailer axle.

Axle Type -- Axles are available in different lengths and types for specific trailers. An overlay axle comprises a stub axle, which is usually welded to the main beam at the top. Conversely, a drop axle contains a cheek used to drop or lift the stub axle. You can also find square, round and customised axles of various dimensions and capacities.

Load Capacity of Axles -- Load capacity refers to the weight that an axle can handle. The maximum weight rating of an axle translates into the total capacity of the trailer. For example, if a trailer has multiple axles, such as a tandem axle, the capacity of the axles is calculated by summing up ratings of both axles, if they are identical. However, it is recommended to go a little bit bigger when buying axles. The reason is that the real capacity of an axle does not account for the weight of springs, tyres and other components. Therefore, you are likely to go short if you stick to the real load value of an axle without accounting for tyre and spring capacities.

Axle Length -- Another critical consideration is the axle length. Ideally, axle length is determined by measuring it from tip to tip. However, other key parameters must be calculated. For instance, the trailer axle hub face is the distance from the exterior of one hub mounting flange to the other. The distance is also called the tyre centre line or the axle track, and it is vital in relation to tyres, trailer width and clearance from a trailer frame. Remember to account for axle drop, which is the length between the spindle centerline and the bottom of an axle main beam.

To learn more, contact a company that offers trailer parts for sale in your area.

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