Top Tips When Hiring Crane Trucks

Crane trucks are your best bet when you need to hoist or move heavy objects at your construction site. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations you should make when hiring crane trucks from a company like North Lakes Removals

Choosing a Crane

Chose a crane that suits your needs. Below are a few crane choosing tips:

  • Choose the right type of crane. For instance, a tower crane will lift massive weights, while a telescopic handler can lift moderate weights at indoor locations.
  • Check the condition of the crane. Ask for its service records and a recent inspection report. Inquire what model of crane truck the company will provide. The truck should be easy to operate. 
  • Check the crane's weight and lifting limits.
  • Inspect the crane for cracked drums, hoists and bearings.
  • Test the machine before hiring. 

Hire Company

Work with a reputable company experienced in crane hire services. Ask fellow contractors to recommend reputable companies in your locality. One of your main concerns should be the company's pricing strategy. For instance, does the company charge a dry or wet rate? Does the company have a rent-to-buy option? What extra charges will you incur? 

Do not hesitate to ask for a discount. Besides, ask for a contract detailing the terms of hire and the agreed-upon payment plan. 

Terms of Hire

Inquire about the company's terms of hire. Some of your considerations should include; 

  • Does the company provide a skilled operator to drive the crane truck? If yes, who will pay the driver?
  • Will the company provide routine repair and maintenance of the truck?
  • Will the company charge if the equipment is idle?
  • Are you allowed to extend the hire period?
  • Can you move the crane truck to another site?
  • Does the crane have a comprehensive insurance cover?

On-site Safety

It is vital to observe safety when using crane trucks. For example, do not attempt to overload the crane. The truck should be parked on firm and even ground. Otherwise, it could tip over and cause accidents at the site. The operator and workers at the site should have a reliable and effective method of communication. For instance, they could use hand signals or flags when loading or hoisting items on the crane. Be on the lookout for overhead power lines as they could cause electrocution. 

Hiring a mobile crane should not be difficult with the above tips. Choose a suitable crane, work with a reputable company, inquire about the terms of hire, and observe the recommended on-site safety tips. 

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