Hiring a Civil Construction Company

If you are planning or developing a public construction project, then you could probably benefit from the services of an engineering or civil construction company. The company will oversee the designing, planning, surveying, and implementation of the project through to completion. Choosing the right civil construction company is vital since they will be responsible for the successful implementation of the project. It can sometimes be a challenge to find exactly the company you need. Here are four questions to ask any civil construction company before hiring them for your latest construction.

Do they have the appropriate licenses?

If you will be working with a civil construction company it is imperative that they have all the permits and licenses that they need to complete every task they will be undertaking for you. Don't choose a company that is forced to outsource parts of the project because they don't have sufficient qualified and accredited people on their team.

Do they have suitable experience?

Experience has to be about more than "we have have been in the civil construction industry for 25+ years". Civil construction projects can vary widely so you need to ask about specific experience on projects which are similar in nature to your own. The company may have plenty of experience designing and building roads or golf courses, but if you are looking for a company to oversee the creation of new council offices, that may not be the best civil construction company to call.

Can they provide everything you need?

You may need a civil construction company near the start of your project at the crucial planning stage, but that is often only the start of the hard work for you. From then on, you could be hiring people to take on further roles and constantly checking to make sure that all of the needed equipment is in place before the job can start. It doesn't have to be that way. If you pick the right civil construction company, they may be able to supply all of the personnel and equipment you need, making the entire construction process run more smoothly and relieving you of a major headache.  

Do you have the budget?

The final question for you has to be one of cost. Cost should never be the sole determining factor, but it is important. When examining quotations from civil construction companies, make sure that you are comparing like for like. Are exactly the same services included in each quotation? Have both companies fully understood the brief? Will they both approach the project in the same way, and if not, why not? Don't be fooled into thinking the cheapest quote is always too low or that the highest quote ensures the best quality. Look to see what each company is offering, and use that information to make an informed decision.


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