3 Tips for Keeping Your Earthmoving Equipment Stored Safely

Earthmoving equipment is critical to any construction project. Thus, even with the expensive price tag that these types of equipment have, you have no choice but to invest in these machines to ensure the success of your construction business. Just as with all other investments, you want to protect your earthmoving equipment. And keeping in mind that construction work ebbs and flows, you may find yourself having to put your earthmoving equipment in storage for the long term. Even while you have your own warehouse, there are several considerations to keep in mind for the longevity of your equipment. This article highlights three tips to help you keep your earthmoving equipment stored safely.

Prevent any contact with moisture

Water is the biggest enemy of any type of machinery. But even with that in mind, keeping your earthmoving equipment away from moisture can prove to be challenging. One of the first things that you should do is ensure that your storage space is not at risk of leaks or condensation, as these elements could quickly damage the metallic components of your equipment. Secondly, if you had recently employed the equipment, it is judicious to eliminate all mud from the surface of the machinery, as this could lead to extensive damage over time. Overall, before putting your machinery into storage, you should make sure that it is both dry and clean.

Engage in routine servicing

A presumption some project managers make regarding servicing their earthmoving equipment while it is in storage is that it is not necessary to do so routinely. But this is a misconception. Even when the equipment is not in use, it is still imperative to stick to your manufacturer's guidelines on how to provide the best upkeep for your equipment. It should be noted that if any components are to fail without your knowledge, it can be incredibly costly once you take your machinery back out for use.

Protection against theft

Not many people think that their earthmoving equipment will be at risk of theft when in storage, mainly because these machines are bulky. However, have you ever considered that spare parts could be stolen from your equipment? It is critical that security measures are in place around the clock to protect your investment. These measures could include hiring security personnel, installing CCTV cameras and so on. You may also want to consider the installation of additional locks to secure the warehouse itself.

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