Factors to Consider Before Mounting a Crane on a Truck

Operating in the competitive Australian construction industry can be a nightmare for project managers, especially in small construction firms. While stiff competition is a reality that smaller firms have to contend with, such companies can make strategic moves in this regard, and it starts by acquiring the right equipment. For instance, the importance of a crane truck cannot be overstated. Nonetheless, as a project manager, having a crane truck available is not enough. You have to ensure correct attachment among other things if you are going to use a truck-mounted crane. Doing so will boost the equipment's efficiency, adaptability, and functionality. Before you begin the process of mounting the crane to the truck, however, consider the following factors.

Truck Frame Strength

How strong a truck's frame plays a significant role in the mounting of a crane. The reason is that semi-trailers have a resisting bending force momentum referred to as the RBM. It is the point at which a truck's frame will bend when too much weight is placed on it. Knowing a truck's RBM will give you a pretty good idea of the type of crane you should mount. Additionally, the RBM will help you to determine whether to add a support frame to the truck or not. Therefore, before attaching a crane to a truck, know its RBM. The information is readily available from a manufacturer.

State Regulations

It would be a pity to spend money mounting a crane on a truck only to be stopped by state officials for violation of state traffic laws. Therefore, make sure that you understand state regulations with regards to the legal height, weight, and breadth of a crane-truck combination. It is especially the case if a truck will be operating on public roads. Visit the offices of relevant authorities to find out what is acceptable and what is not to avoid liability. For instance, an attached crane on a semi-trailer must not protrude beyond a certain point from its pivot pin.

Ease of Service

When mounting a crane to a truck, it is vital to remember that the entire combination will require service at some point in time. Therefore, it would be prudent to mount a crane in such a way that allows for easy maintenance. If a crane is attached haphazardly, maintenance will take time, which will increase cost. Most importantly, make sure that the combination of a crane and truck is configured in such a way that makes servicing uncomplicated.

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