Two steps that can be taken to make the demolition process safer

The demolition of a building is a complicated process which can put construction workers at risk of sustaining serious injuries. Here are two steps that managers of demolition services companies can take to make this process as safe as possible.

Use qualified operators for heavy construction equipment

Every demolition project will involve the use of heavy construction equipment, such as bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, articulated trucks as well as cranes with wrecking ball attachments. This equipment can be extremely dangerous if operated by an untrained individual.

For instance, if an unqualified labourer is tasked with using a bulldozer, their lack of knowledge could lead to them failing to check for potential overhead hazards, such as power lines. This, in turn, might result in them being electrocuted. Likewise, if their inexperience leads to them using the bulldozer on a section of the building which is too tall for this particular piece of machinery, they could end up being crushed when the walls of said building fall on top of them.

As such, it is no exaggeration to state that using trained, fully qualified operators for this type of heavy construction equipment could quite literally save people's lives.

Manage traffic

As mentioned above, many different types of heavy construction equipment are use during the demolition of a building. The weight of this type of machinery, coupled with the fact that its bulky size makes it extremely difficult for operators to see those standing nearby, means that there is a strong chance that those working on the site could be hit or run over by these pieces of equipment as they reverse, turn or slide.

To prevent this from happening, it is important for traffic on the demolition site to be carefully managed. In practical terms, this means establishing clear driving routes for equipment operators, as well as walkways for pedestrians. Ideally, the latter should have barriers and be completely level. There should also be clearly marked entryways and exits.

If the demolition work will be carried out very early in the morning or late in the evening, when visibility may be poorer, it is also sensible to place reflective traffic cones and portable lighting fixtures along the aforementioned equipment driving routes and pedestrian walkways. Reflective tape should also be added to any barriers around the walkways. This should help to drastically reduce the likelihood of any heavy equipment operator accidentally hitting and injuring people walking near their machinery.

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