Three Performance Factors to Consider for Truck Seat Selection

Proper occupational seating is crucial for your commercial trucks. In simple terms, truck drivers spend extensive periods of time on the seats, even if they are not specially designed to improve comfort and ease. Consequently, driving can be extremely strenuous, and the pertinent drivers might experience common aches related to the back, shoulder and the spine. The negative consequences are even more prominent if the commercial trucks are often driven in off-road regions. This exposes the body to intense vibrations and shocks, creating physical strain. Fortunately, you can avoid these repercussions and improve your drivers' productivity by installing the right occupational seats. Here are the most important performance factors to consider before purchasing new truck seats.

Type of Suspension

Suspension seats are designed to provide enhanced protection from detrimental shocks, particularly in comparison to conventional truck seats. Basically, conventional seats minimise the vibrations using a cushion which acts as dampener. As implied, the suspension alternative suspended such that the seat is not in direct contact with the truck structure. Mechanical suspension seats utilise coil springs and shock absorbers like cars to achieve this state. These are favourable because they are relatively inexpensive and require minimal maintenance. Pneumatic suspension seats utilised pressurised air which advances the shock protection. Normally, the seat uses sensors which alter the air pressure to effectively counter the road surface issues. Their cost is relatively high, but the benefits achieved are incomparable.


You should consider your preferred truck seats provide advanced adjustability. In general, occupational drivers like to drive in different positions, so they should be presented with the option to make suitable alterations. This flexibility will reduce position stress and promote comfort and productivity. Ideally, the seat should make accommodations for individuals of different heights and weight. For example, most mechanical air seats offer manual adjustment for weight, and you can choose high, low and medium settings for height. Air suspensions often have automatic weight adjustment capabilities, and the height can be changed in small increments. You should also look for other adjustable parameters including horizontal movement and shock absorption alteration.

Lumbar Support and Cushion

The spine has a natural curvature which allows the effective and even distribution of weight from the upper body, reducing lower back strain. Unfortunately, the body cannot maintain this curvature without proper support from the seat. Therefore, you should look for truck seats designed for lumbar support. This type of seat has an inward curvature for spine support. In addition, the seat should be sufficiently cushioned for optimal comfort.

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